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Youth Programs Coming to the Peninsulas!

Olympic College Poulsbo

Western Washington University Youth Programs will now be available at Olympic College Poulsbo!





For the press release:

A variety of classes offered for grades K through 12. For more information:

Horizons: A Student and Faculty Collaboration


‘Horizons’ in the College Service Center, first floor.

Horizons is now available for viewing in the entryway of the CSC.

Marie Weichman proposed this four-panel, mixed-media piece that highlights the major areas of our Art program at OC.  Three upper level students were identified from Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, but the art department had no one in Sculpture who could produce the piece, as a result Marie volunteered.  Another major area of study in the Art program is Design which is represented by the entire, four panel composition.

The concept was to depict a landscape that communicates “horizons,” “journey,” and our geographic area, the Olympic Mountains, as well as the college name, Olympic College, (hence, the mountains).  Marie found the image online and appropriated it for this project by dividing it into four equal sections.  Each section was created using a method representing the classes offered by OC’s Art Program:  Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, and Sculpture with Design represented by the total composition.  The final image is of the Olympic mountains with a road leading the viewer to the horizon.


Artist: Shantia Crowly, Painting.

The concept was to depict an Olympic Mountain landscape that communicates “horizons,” “journey,” and “Pathways” as a metaphor for the process of education and goal achievement.  The Olympic Mountains not only represents our regional identity, but also reflects the name of our college.


Artists: Charles Martin, Ceramics; Caila Robinson, Drawing; Marie Weichman, Sculpture.

Each panel was created on plywood using a method representing the classes offered by OC’s Art Program:  Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, and Sculpture with Design represented by the total composition.

Charles Martin, Ceramics (Student)

Caila Robinson, Drawing (Student)

Marie Weichman, Sculpture (Faculty)

Shantia Crowly, Painting (Student)

Meet Our Student Government Leaders!

DSC_0004 v2


Margarita Mashkina

President Margarita Mashkina, born and raised in Russia, immerses herself in new and exciting experiences, taking great pride in her independence and responsibility.   Excellent grades allowed Margarita to attend boarding school free for two years before coming to Olympic College.  When asked what she enjoys most about OC, Margarita said, “the diverse community, student development resources and leadership opportunities that Olympic College offers.” Margarita is majoring in Business and plans to transfer to a four year University in New York City to earn a degree in Finance.


Gabriel Krebs

Gabriel Krebs, Executive Vice President, is originally from California; he moved to Poulsbo, WA in 2006.  When asked what he enjoys most about OC, Krebs said he “loves the convenience of being able to stay in Kitsap County after graduating high school and the price.”  Krebs is currently on a business transfer track and deciding between marketing and accounting; he plans to attend the University of Washington.  Krebs enjoys a very active lifestyle and loves anything to do with sports. He is currently playing a lot of basketball.


Jonelle Lapat

Jonelle Lapat, Vice President of Finance, was born in Dau Pampanga, Philippines and grew up in Bremerton.  When asked what she enjoys most about OC, Lapat said “the people and the many activities that OC provides.”  Lapat is currently studying pre-pharmacy and plans to transfer to the University of Washington or the University of California San Francisco to complete her Pharmacy degree.  Jonelle keeps active with basketball, tennis, playing the organ for her church choir and teaching kids to sing and read notes.


DSC_0019 Crop

In Young Cho

In Young Cho, Vice President of Student Affairs, has been living in the United States for almost a year. An International Student from South Korea, he followed his dream to come to school in America.  When asked what he enjoys most about OC, Cho said, “students’ open-minded attitudes and the size of school is perfect.”  Cho is studying Psychology and plans to transfer to University of Washington to complete his bachelors degree. He plans on obtaining a master’s degree; his ultimate goal is to become a professor of Psychology in a college in the U.S.  Cho enjoys watching movies, cooking and is working on becoming trilingual in his free time.