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“Having to Write with an Unsharpened Mind,” by OC Student Ace Butler

 This is my first entry for the One Voice blog here at Olympic College. In all honesty I have no idea what to write other than the fact that I have not written anything for quite some time. Looking at the “Suggestions for Managing ‘One Voice’” sheet, I am recommended to aim for one and a half pages (about 600 words.) The suggestions page itself is four pages long…


Irony: one of the many rhetorical devices I have learned and remembered from amassing knowledge in English courses. Clichés: what defines as “a trite, stereotyped expression; usually expressing a common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse;” or in my own explanation of that word, the walking form of, me, Ace Butler.


Definitions: a great way to knocked down space in a writing assignment that has a word requirement.


Perhaps if there is one piece of advice I have learned when it comes to writing, it is this: first write from the heart, then from the head. (That was actually a line from Sean Connery’s character in Finding Forrester.)


Inspiration: not to be confused with plagiarism.


But really, when it comes to writing, anything at all, it begins with a simple challenge: having to write. This thing is all about getting down what’s in your brain onto paper without having to draw blood or leaving a pulpy mess. Writing is using your own digits as utensils and your own blood as ink – and I mean that figuratively – even if it is at the expense of possibly sounding stupid, or strange, or even dark at times.


Large spacing in between paragraphs: never compensates for missing words, but as any English teacher will tell you, they prefer quality over quantity any day.


Making every word count: I think this blog is entry worth 600 letters?

Ace Butler is a returning Olympic College student with interests in English and Psychology.  He is volunteering in the Multicultural & Student Programs office as an editor for One Voice.  He has an obsession with masks and alter-egos.

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