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Jacob Nord – future exercise physiologist and registered dietician, competitive swimmer, potential fitness guru, OC scholarship recipient

Jacob Nord

“OC has inspired me to take charge, take advantage of opportunities, and reach my vocation.”

Why did you choose OC?

I chose OC because of the price and what they offered that went with it.  OC simply gives opportunities to people having trouble getting to college, you get help there when you need it, and the programs get you started in higher education.

What are you studying at OC?

I am studying general sciences here and getting my base laid out for a career in the health field.  I’m learning about nutrition and the effects on the body and the physiology of movement. I want to promote and share my love of living a healthy life. I want to give to those in need the ability to get movement back, help people looking for information and guidance to lead a healthier lifestyle, and bring a positive change into people’s lives.

What inspired you to study nutrition and fitness?

When I was in high school, I was a swimmer and I wasn’t that good. I thought, “How do people get that good?” I grew up on fast food and didn’t know about nutrition. I started learning about nutrition and fitness on my own and eating better. I started feeling better and I had more energy. Every year, I improved in swimming. By my senior year, I was able to compete in a state championship with all the top high school swimmers in the state. I took eighth place in my race.  From my experience, I realized how much nutrition and fitness can help. I wanted to help others realize they can live a healthy life, too.

What do you plan to do after you graduate OC?

I’m researching universities in the state and in California. I want to transfer to complete my bachelor’s degree in movement physiology, become a registered dietitian and work as a personal trainer. I would also like to pursue my doctorate in physical therapy. And, perhaps in the future, I will have my own practice within a fitness center (that I will hopefully own as well).

What has been your favorite class at OC?

This question is a bit tough. I feel like I am lucky. It is hard to pick a favorite out of the faculty here at OC.  For the most part, I have been blessed with teachers that want to be here, have helped considerably with problems and situations that have arisen, and have been understanding.  But I have to say, from what I have experienced so far in my chemistry class, I  will be looking forward to taking more chemistry classes in the future with teachers so nice and helpful.

What special awards have you received while at OC?

I have been awarded the George Abbay Memorial Scholarship, the John and Teri Hern Physical Therapy Scholarship, and Kitsap Bank Scholarship through the Olympic College Foundation, which has helped me pay for my education at Olympic College.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my time outside of school, I work two jobs to save money for college, so little time is left over for leisure. However, to relieve stress, I work out in OC’s weight room and spend good quality time with my friends when I can. I also attend and cheer for OC’s scholar athletes at home games when my time permits.

What was your background like?

I grew up a Navy kid, moving from place to place every few years (as many can relate to in Bremerton).  Moving so much has its ups and downs. It can either make you a stronger and more outgoing person or a more reserved and shy person. I feel I gained my personality through those times, having to make new friends every few months. Either I would have to leave good friends or it would be my good friends who would leave me. Change was always happening. You learn that your home is made up of a feeling of peace and love. It is not a specific place or area since the residences I stayed in felt like they changed with the seasons.  I have lived in the South, the East, Midwest, and now the Northwest. I’ve learned about the diversity we have in the states. (I’ve come from getting in trouble when I forgot to say “Yes, ma’am” or “Yes, sir” to being teased for saying it.) I have become a rounded individual, appreciate where I am now, and look forward to the future.

How has OC inspired you?

OC has inspired me to take charge, take advantage of opportunities, and reach my vocation.

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